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Misunderstanding 1
The effect is so good that can be for kept forever.
[Expert analysis]
Although the lifting effect of the 3D HIFU instrument can be immediately seen, and continues to be new, long-term maintenance, the average is about 3-5 years. However, the process of human aging is irreversible. With the growth of age, the loss of collagen, and degree of daily maintenance, it affects the time and effect of later maintenance. No equipment or product can achieve a permanent anti-aging effect, but in contrast, the four-dimensional engraving instrument is indeed the most worthwhile choice.

Misunderstanding 2
Skin care products are OK ┃ No need to do 3D HIFU
[Expert analysis]
There are two types of wrinkles, deep and fine lines, which are true wrinkles and false wrinkles. False wrinkles are superficial and occur with changes in facial expressions. A certain degree of improvement can be achieved by long-term use of skin care products. As the age growth, the collagen is lost, and the dermal layer supports the fibrous structure to weaken, causing the skin to relax and form a depression on the surface of the skin, which is a true wrinkle.

Any skin care product can not replace the 3D HIFU instrument from the SMAS layer to fundamentally solve the problem of aging, relaxation and other aging problems. 3D HIFU instrument is a true non-invasive & non-surgical skin lifting method.

Misunderstanding 3
Produce dependence ┃ easy to rebound
[Expert analysis]
It is impossible. The immediate effect of the 3D HIFU is only about 40%, the wrinkles have not completely faded, and the collagen continues to regenerate as time goes by, the skin condition will gradually become tender and full, and the proper maintenance and goodness will be passed during the treatment period. The habits of life, the effect will be stable, the average level is 3-5 years, and even more. After the treatment period, the skin will gradually return to the natural aging speed, so the multiple anti-aging must be more stable and stable than the single anti-aging effect.

Misunderstanding 4
Postoperative facial stiffness ┃ Single expression
[Expert analysis]
3D HIFU is different from the Plastic Surgery, such as injection. It is to enhance and tighten the SMAS layer in the original state of the skin. The operator designs a suitable anti-aging scheme according to the facial contour characteristics of different people, and the anti-aging precision does not hurt. Other tissues around, not to affect the movement of the expression muscles, is very safe.

Misunderstanding 5
Skin ┃ easy to be hurt
[Expert analysis]
It is impossible. 3D HIFU focuses the energy on the SMAS layer (fascia layer) by focusing principle, and uses high-energy focused ultrasound technology combined with a sophisticated radar automatic positioning system to transmit 65 degrees of thermal energy to the subcutaneous setting position (about 1.5-13.0mm). Produces thermal coagulation, stimulates collagen regeneration and fascia tightening in different parts of the body. In addition, the thermal accumulation effect of FTech 3D HIFU can treat obesity by melting the fat layer (depth 4.5-10mm), and the effect is remarkable. Energy skips the epidermis, does not affect the surrounding tissue, and does not pose a safety risk.

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