808nm diode laser hair removal machine.

Professional Permanent Hair Removal For Face, Body, Arm, Leg, Bikini Line, etc.
Pain-free, more comfortable.
Suitable for all skin types (including tanned Skin)
High efficient, High average power, Great result

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30 thoughts on “Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine”

  1. futurelaser says:

    The diode laser have efficient hair removal treatment, and it is really painless!(〃’▽’〃)

  2. Irfana. T says:

    Hey, how much for this mechine

    1. futurelaser says:

      We will contact you via email.Thanks for your concern.

  3. bappy says:

    My face in hair i can remove

    1. futurelaser says:

      Hi,what can we do for you?

    2. Bk roy says:

      My face in hair

      1. futurelaser says:

        Hi,what do you mean?Can I help you?

  4. Roshni Tolani says:

    Please give me best Cost for diode laser machine

    1. futurelaser says:

      Hello,we will contact you via email,thanks for your concern.

  5. Chalene Enslin says:

    Looking for a Hair removal machine as I want to expand my service offering to my clients. Can we arrange a demo

    1. futurelaser says:

      Hi dear Chalene,glad you like our machines,we will contact you via email immediately.

  6. Letitia says:

    Good say please send me te total cost for the masjien?

    1. futurelaser says:

      Sure,glad you saw our machines,we will contact you immediately.

  7. Letitia says:

    Please contact me with more info?

    1. futurelaser says:

      We will reply you via email immediately.Thanks.

  8. fan42 says:

    Is this permanent hair removal machine

    1. futurelaser says:

      Yes,we will send you details via email.Thanks!

  9. Theo Bekker says:

    Need more information availability in South Africa price etc

    1. futurelaser says:

      Thanks for you attention.We will contact you via email,send you details.

  10. Maryanne says:

    Where is ur location ? Hw much do fave hair removal costs and is it removed forever and how many times should i remove it at ur center in order to be removed forever

    1. futurelaser says:

      We are in Beijing,China.We will contact you via email,thank you very much.

  11. Arbaaz panlekar says:

    I need to do a hair treatment

  12. memood says:

    is their any machine .that work properly .
    means remove hair clean .

  13. Mohammad Zohaib says:

    Is that available for Pakistan

  14. Navleen says:

    Hlo is it available in india, mohali ,chandigarh and wgat would be the cost for half legs and full arms including underarms and moreover is it suitable on face like we have facial hair near our eye brows forehead upperhead do we have a permanent solution for this and it has any side effects in future or not plz tell me via mail and plz mention the cost for that whole procedure

  15. Fatimah says:


  16. Raquel Ortega says:

    Pls give me prices of laser hair removal machines.

  17. Usama says:

    Hi price

  18. Garima Singh says:

    How much price of diode machine

  19. Nadeem says:

    What is price one diode lasers machine
    I Wan to.buy

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