808nm diode laser hair removal machine.

Professional Permanent Hair Removal For Face, Body, Arm, Leg, Bikini Line, etc.
Pain-free, more comfortable.
Suitable for all skin types (including tanned Skin)
High efficient, High average power, Great result

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808nm Diode Laser

808nm Diode Laser

Origin:Beijing, China
Mode:808nm diode laser hair removal machine
FTECH Laser 808nm semiconductor laser with 808nm wavelength laser hair removal instrument, Armpit,Forehead,Mustache,Chest,Back,Arm,Leg,Bikini Line.

Micro Channel Diode Laser

Laser beam is almost closed to parallel beam, much better than focused beam, bringing treatment better effect, reduce the pain.

Mechanical filtration+ionic filtration+biological filtration system,guaranteeing distilled water for circulation as much as possible, protecting accessories to achieve long working life.

Japan imported nano thermal silicone grease, transmitting temperature from chilling slice to sapphire, avoiding damage due to lack of refrigeration.

S-shape water tank in series, solving the confusion of power reduction due to water temperature in cavity.

Automatic inspiration high pressure & high rotation water pump, cooling the temperature of bar while working, ensure the power of bar and extend the working life.

Decrease 10 degree within 5 minutes with the circle refrigeration chip.

Continuous working 24 hours.

Constant temperature work, extend the working life.

Imported spare parts like the water pump.

Automatic alarm system

Sliding Mode easy and fast operation with 10mm*25mm Big Spot Available.

Output Power:500W(optional 300W,800W,1000W)
Type:High quality of 808nm diode laser
Laser:500w 10bar (macro channel)
Output way:With treatment handpiece direct
Pulse way:Pulse mode
Spot size:12*12mm square
Pulse duration:Maximum 400ms
Energy density:10-150j/cm2 (adjustable)
Working volt:AC220V±10%, 50HZ, AC110V±10%, 60HZ
Cooling system:Water cooling +wind cooling + semiconductor cooling
Size:Machine: 450mm*400mm*530mm;
Base: 450mm*420mm*680mm
Packing Size:Machine: 550mm*500m*600mm;
Baser: 500mm*460m*730mm
Net Weight:Machine: 30kg; Base: 18kg
Gross Weight:Machine: 45kg;Base: 33kg
Detail drawing
808nm-diode-laser-hair-removal-machine_Instrument parts
Patented Unique Handpiece
Comfortable for long time using.Imported sapphire, three modes refrigeration available -5-0°C.Avoiding the influence of temperature due to season changing
Full Bridge Power Supply
It provides fast charging with high efficiency, double speed of half.This ensures xenon lamp has sufficient and stable energy to achieve.better therapy, and can support 5HZ frequency painless sliding mode
808nm-diode-laser-hair-removal-machine_Depilatory tool
High Speed Water Pump
Self suction high pressure high speed water pump.Lift 15 meters, pressure 4MPa.With a big pressure water pump, the water circulation is faster.The heat can be taken away by the faster water circulation efficiently.In this way, it ensures the Xenon lamp energy for treatment, and also save.the life time of Xenon lamp.
Foot Switch
Foot switch with protect cover has a long using life.With bigger base for treading, it is more comfortable and stable than.
Unique Heat Dissipation
Assure the heat dissipation of the whole machine.It guarantees the water circulation system dissipate heat completely.Extending the service life of the xenon lamp.Keep running for 24 hours without rest.Constantly creating value
Exposed Water Tank
Fully enclosed waterway circulation system,no funnel.More easy and convenience.
808nm-diode-laser-hair-removal-machine_Hand tools
Treatment effect
Customer visits
Beijing Future Laser Medical Equipment Technology Co, Ltd is a professional manufacturer of aesthetics and medical laser

Established in 2010, Future Laser has office in Beiing and factory locates in Industrial Park in Y anjiao near Beijing covering,over 2000m2

Up to now, Future Laser has its own research and development center, domestic and overseas sales team, professional aftersale service department and clinic
Company introduction
Product certificate
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Tel: 86 15201538625
E-mail: info@laserft.com

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