Advantages of 808 depilator

2020-06-01 Ftech 13 views

Using 808 semiconductor laser hair removal 808 wavelength semiconductor laser technology beauty instrument, all the advantages of the laser technology upgrading features of the attached 808 nm semiconductor laser are combined, so that the hair removal efficiency is improved at the same time, the laser output energy is more uniform, the cooling comfort is further improved, and the failure rate of the laser equipment is greatly reduced,

1. 808 semiconductor material laser: fast and reliable.

2. Stability: stable 808nm semiconductor laser has long performance and service life; intelligent microprocessor, real-time control.

3. Fast: 12 * 12mm square large spot, large area hair removal, high efficiency and fast speed.

4. Effective: 808 nm laser wavelength, in the near infrared (0.75-1.50 μ m) region of the spectrum, melanin is well absorbed, can penetrate the deep layer of dermis and subcutaneous fat tissue, and act on different parts and depths of hair.

5. Comfort: sapphire cooling, can cool to 0 ~ 4 ℃, the whole process cooling. It felt good and there was no pain.

808 semiconductor hair removal instrument

6. Convenience: an intuitive and easy to operate human-machine interface touch screen, easy to operate.

7. Depilation: it is suitable for hair of different skin color data types in enterprises, with good depilation effect.

In addition, the lifting and operation of the hand tools are lighter and the depilation efficiency is improved.

The new product imports 20 million hair pieces of 808 semiconductor hair remover. 808 semiconductor material laser technology is more comfortable than traditional Chinese hair remover. 808nm gold standard precise control of laser wavelength can ensure teaching effect, and the lighter hair color without pain can be more easily removed. The advantages of 808 semiconductor laser hair remover are as follows:

1. Advanced laser with high quality, safety and stable performance

2. Use 600W super power, less depilation 3.. adopt Tec refrigeration system, stronger refrigeration, lower temperature of sapphire contact skin, effectively reduce pain.. big nod 4.12 * 24mm, faster depilation 5.. intelligent operation system, more according to skin color, soft and hard hair, hair color system automatically recommend appropriate parameters, simple and effective operation

Semiconductor laser unhairing instrument (full name: 808nm semiconductor laser unhairing instrument of freezing point), its principle is based on selective thermokinetics, the laser module is controlled by a microprocessor, which provides adjustable constant current, so that the high-power laser diode inside the laser module can convert electric energy into optical energy, the output wavelength is 808nm continuous laser, the laser, 808 wavelength effective penetration depth can reach the target tissue (dermal papilla) In addition, 808 ice point semiconductor laser hair remover uses sapphire skin cooling system to cool the skin, which is a real painless permanent hair remover

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