Can laser hair removal be permanent

2020-07-07 Ftech 25 views

Laser hair removal, but there are many advantages, not only simple and fast hair removal, but also won’t hurt the surrounding skin, more claimed that permanent hair removal. Can laser hair removal really achieve permanent hair removal? In the 1960s, some scholars proposed that ruby laser could destroy the melanin of hair follicles. In 1993, Wilman Medical Optics Laboratory of Harvard University began to use laser to remove hair in clinic. Up to now, laser hair removal technology has been very mature, and has achieved significant clinical efficacy.

808 laser hair removal instrument

When it comes to laser beauty instruments, the best one in the market should be 808 semiconductor laser hair removal machine. Ftech’s new products import 808 semiconductor hair removal machine, with 20 million hair. Compared with the traditional Chinese hair removal machine, 808 nm semiconductor laser technology requires higher comfort. The precise control of laser wavelength by 808nm gold standard can ensure the teaching effect, and the light hair color can be pulled out more easily

Permanent hair removal is a unique advantage of laser hair removal. However, a small number of people have questioned laser hair removal because their hair still grows after laser hair removal. To this end, experts explained that laser hair removal is not done once and for all.

Hair can be divided into growth period, resting period and resting period. Laser hair removal is very effective for the growing hair, but for the hair at rest and resting period, laser hair removal has no effect or little effect, which also determines that laser hair removal needs multiple treatments. Generally speaking, under the professional guidance of doctors, complete all the times of laser hair removal, it is completely possible to achieve permanent hair removal effect.

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