Carbon oxygen bubbles, deep cleaning makes you beautiful “bubble”!

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We wash our face every day
But is the face really cleaned?
Air pollution, cosmetic residues,
Cleaning is not in place to make the perfect skin face problems
Large pores, dark complexion, blackheads…
In fact, this is because the way we wash our faces is wrong!
Do not be afraid
Tell you a Korean drama heroine
Skin care secrets that are all done
[Carbon oxygen bubble]
Solve skin problems
Deepen the skin’s deep waste
Also you are a clean and tender face
Carbon oxygen bubble
Carbon-oxygen bubbles are a means of cleaning the skin. It can directly reach the bottom of the muscles, deepen the skin, make the skin look like the beginning, every drop of water guards, every inch is full of elasticity, let the skin aerobic breath.
Special six systems
1.Boer effect carbon oxide system:
The specially formulated product combines with the carbon-oxygen head to form a large bubble in the skin surface, which contains carbon dioxide and can penetrate into the skin to increase the blood concentration and inject oxygen into the skin.
Promotes skin blood circulation, increases cell activity, and skin cell metabolism, effectively eliminating waste.
2.Clean the deep skin system:
Vacuum negative pressure forms a vacuum loop, which combines the large carbon-oxygen bubble with the nutrient solution and acts directly on the skin through a specially designed small spiral suction head. Under the condition of no pain during the whole process, the skin can be cleaned deep and aged keratinocytes can be removed. Remove sebum, hair follicle funnel and mites, provide lasting nourishment for skin, moisturize skin and make skin smooth and lustrous.
3.冰热美肌系统:Ice hot beauty system:
The design of the enclosed internal circulation cooling system produces a minimum of -5 ° C ice cooling and 42 ° C warming.
Repeatedly let the skin reach a temperature of 42 ° C, help to make HSP protein, repair skin cells and strengthen skin elasticity, -5 ° C frozen care can instantly shrink the pores of the skin, lock the skin care products in the deep skin, alternating Warm and freeze care.
4.4D surround RF system:
Using 1 million vibration frequencies, it emits radio waves into the subcutaneous tissue, causing the natural resistance movement of the subcutaneous tissue to generate heat, enhance the skin and promote collagen regeneration.
5.Water-dimensional oxygen spray system:
The water-soluble product super-nanoparticles are delivered to the skin tissue using high-speed jetting.
6.Ultrasonic beauty system:
It has mechanical action, warming action and chemical action. Utilizing the characteristics of strong penetration of ultrasound and deep into the skin, it can be used in the body and face to achieve weight loss and body whitening and whitening to improve skin texture.

Six main effects
Remove acne, folliculitis, mites, skin allergens
Improve skin dullness, dark yellow, skin texture
Deep cleansing, hydrating and nourishing
Remove blackheads, tighten pores, increase skin clarity
Skin care, cosmetics introduction
Facial lift
Comparison of treatment effects
Carbon-oxygen bubble
Help you open the right way to care skin
Relieves skin “thirst” and pore dirt “dangerous muscles”!

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