Future laser Aqua peel Your skin cleansing expert

2018-08-29 Ftech 232 views

Imported bubble generator
The water and solution are decomposed into nano-micro molecules, which act on the deep layer of the skin. Easy to absorb, clean thoroughly, the effect is better than similar products in the market, and customer satisfaction is high.
Waste water level detection
Automatically detect water level, protect internal parts, extend service life and reduce customer maintenance costs. Future Laser instruments are equipped with self-checking safety protection devices.
Sheet metal structure
The heat inside the host can be fully exchanged into the air to protect the internal motherboard chip, prolong the service life of the whole machine and reduce the maintenance cost of the customer. Future Laser patented design.
Detachable handle
Imported CPC plug-in, smart and patented design, convenient for customers to go out for medical treatment.
Multiple treatment handles
Multiple projects are carried out, realizing the instrument instead of traditional manual, the price of one instrument, the value of multiple instruments, the customer’s super beautician.
Mechanical control
The regulation is simpler, the cost is lower, and the customer’s investment is less effective. The customer can spend less money to buy a good nano bubble.
Imported PVC pipe
Anti-corrosion, high temperature, good flexibility, not easy to break, flexible use of operators, easy to operate, reduce customer maintenance costs, and give customers a soft experience.
Independent drain valve
Change the tradition, make the waste liquid discharge simple, make the cumbersome and simple, every detail, carry the designer’s smart, bring convenience to the customer’s use.
Transparent waste bottle
More stereoscopically see the cleaning effect, make the treatment more convincing, seeing is believing, let the customer clear self-cleaning state of the skin.
Plug-in heat dissipation
Future Laser has a unique way of cooling. Long working hours, higher stability, reducing customer waiting time, allowing customers to enjoy treatment.
Future Laser concept: to provide customers with accurate, durable, safe and effective high quality products

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