CO2 fractional laser device – Make you looks like Natural beauty

2019-06-05 Ftech 33 views

What is CO2 fractional laser?

CO2 fractional laser technology is a skin cosmetic technique that is a minimally invasive treatment between invasive and non-invasive. CO2 fractional laser treatment uses laser to evenly apply tiny pores on the skin, thereby forming three regions of thermal exfoliation, thermal coagulation and thermal effect in the skin layer, which in turn causes a series of skin biochemical reactions, stimulating the skin to self-repair, reaching firming, rejuvenating and improving pigmentation and filling scars. Since the laser treatment of the fractional only covers part of the skin tissue, the newly-applied pores do not overlap each other, so some normal skin is retained and the recovery is accelerated.

What’s the function of CO2 fractional laser?
CO2 fractional laser treatment is safer and can treat any part of the body.
Indications include acne scars, surgical scars, traumatic scars, scald scars, skin shrinkage, chloasma, wrinkles, sagging skin, vaginal treatment These clinical applications are widely used, and the treatment effect is very significant.

What’s the advantage of CO2 fractional laser?
CO2 fractional laser has both rapid and significant effects of invasive treatment, and has the advantages of non-invasive treatment with small side effects and short recovery time, and combines the advantages of both.

Who don’t suitable for CO2 fractional laser?
1. Scar body;
2. Severe diabetes, high blood pressure patients;
3. Mental patients, or those who have high expectations for treatment;
4. Active vitiligo and psoriasis, systemic lupus erythematosus;
5. During pregnancy or lactation;
6, Light allergy;
7. Those who have undergone chemical stripping, grinding and other skin resurfacing;
8. Those who use retinoic acid drugs;

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