opular science: Why is the CO2 dot matrix laser the preferred way to treat scars?

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The cockroaches in life always leave scars on the body that are light or heavy. Scars may not only affect the function and shape of the patient, but also affect the appearance of the patient. Nowadays people want to pursue perfection, but the existence of scars hinders the overall beauty of our skin and makes the skin lack integrity.

After trying various kinds of products, there are many people who choose to go to the hospital for scar treatment, some for surgical repair, and most of them are to perform CO2 fractional laser laser treatment, the emergence of CO2 fractional laser equipment, because it has a quick effect, comfortable treatment and high safety, which brings a hopeful light to scar patients.

CO2 fractional laser treatment of scar principle

The CO2 fractional laser target is the water in the skin tissue. A certain amount of thermal exfoliation, more thermal coagulation and significant thermal effects are produced at the laser penetrating site. The thermal effect produces collagen fiber contraction, thermal coagulation and thermal exfoliation to form a minimally invasive small hole with a diameter of about 0.12 mm, and a depth of about 2-4 mm. At this time, the thermal tissue of the normal tissue between the small hole and the small hole after the wound is activated to initiate the skin wound repair mechanism. , a large amount of collagen is newly regenerated, and the dermal frame structure is reconstructed, and the scar is smoothed.

CO2 fractional laser treatment advantage
Postoperative easy repair

The CO2 fractional laser is more and more widely used in clinical practice, and its therapeutic effect on scar treatment is comparable to that of orthopedic surgery. After treatment, the repair period is short, the adverse reactions are mild, the complications are few, and the patients are more acceptable, which meets the requirements of minimally invasive and non-invasive cosmetic surgery. With the increase of treatment cases and the summary of experience, the treatment plan will become more and more mature and have good development prospects.
Custom personalized treatment plan

The CO2 fractional laser can be customized to suit individual needs. At the time of treatment, the diameter and depth of the micropores can be adjusted. Of all the lasers, only the treatment range of the CO2 fractional laser can achieve 5-100% adjustment, and a single treatment can produce significant effects.
Short recovery period

The skin can be recovered in 7-10 days. During treatment, the portion directly penetrated by the laser forms a matrix of small white spots. The skin around these small points immediately initiates a lateral repair mechanism and the epidermis will heal completely within 8 hours. About 7-10 days, the mink at the small white spot falls off and the skin returns to its normal appearance. The internal collagen regeneration can last up to 6 months or even longer.
CO2 fractional laser treatment range and effect
Acne after acne pit

CO2 fractional laser play a more important role in the repair of scars after hemorrhoids, including early intervention in early energy, avoiding atrophy and helping wound healing. Today CO2 fractional laser is the gold standard for scars after hemorrhoids.
Various types of scars:

CO2 fractional laser can improve almost all types of scars, whether deep or shallow, with or without pigmentation, acne scars, traumatic scars, surgical scars or burn scars.
Facial superficial neoplasm
Such as sweat duct tumor, seborrheic keratosis, phlegm and blood stasis, millet rash, flat wart, common warts and so on.
Skin stretch marks

CO2 fractional laser can be applied to stretch marks that are difficult to handle. By stimulating skin tissue, damaged skin can regenerate collagen and rearrange it, which can restore the skin to a smooth state and help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

CO2 fractional laser
Helping patients with scars to regenerate beautifully

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