CO2 fractional laser, remove scars and regain confidence

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Scars, are a natural product of human wound healing. From a clinical point of view, it is usually caused by wound healing of the skin, subcutaneous tissue or deep tissue, and can be combined with the loss of subcutaneous tissue, muscle, bone and the like. The scar brings great physical pain and mental pain to the patient, causing the patient to have both physical and mental obstacles.
CO2 fractional laser
At present, the clinical application of CO2 fractional laser for the treatment of scar has obvious curative effect. It has the dual effects of immediate gasification and skin tightening and long-term stimulation of collagen hyperplasia. It fully achieves the effect of traditional exploitation treatment, and precisely adjusts the size, density, shape and scanning of scanning patterns. Mode, penetration depth, to meet the needs of various skin conditions. The CO2 fractional laser is a minimally invasive treatment between invasive and non-invasive treatments, which greatly reduces recovery time after treatment. The laser is used to uniformly apply fine pores on the skin, which in turn causes a series of skin biochemical reactions to achieve the effects of rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, scarring and lightening of spots. Effectively reduce the patient’s psychological anxiety.
CO2 fractional laser
Why choose a CO2 laser in fractional mode?
Ordinary traditional CO2 laser
Ordinary traditional CO2 laser is an exfoliative laser (exfoliation, that is, it will be crusted), which will be similar to dermabrasion, which can make the skin repair and rebuild (do not break, there is a way to shovel the wall and put the putty) However, a wide range of treatments are prone to coloration, color loss, and even scarring. This is not effective, it is not safe, and it is very embarrassing.
Fractional mode CO2 laser
The fractional mode CO2 laser is different. When the laser is applied to the skin, the normal skin is between the two points. Under the premise of ensuring a deep thorn depth, the skin can be quickly recovered and is not easy to produce. side effect.
CO2 fractional laser project advantages:
1. Magic treatment without harm – fractional laser uses a dot matrix laser system, using the laser to ablate the tissue, can make micropores with a diameter of 80-100 microns on the skin, the hole spacing is 500 microns, these The micropores can be closed within one day after treatment and are difficult to see with the naked eye, with little exudation, bleeding and infection.
2. Customizable personalized treatment plan—fractional laser can be customized according to individual needs. The diameter and depth of the micropores are adjustable during treatment. Of all lasers, only the treatment range of the fractional laser can achieve 5-100% adjustment, and a single treatment can produce significant results.
3. The skin can be restored – when the treatment, the laser directly penetrates the part to form a matrix of small white spots. The skin around these small points immediately initiates a lateral repair mechanism, and the epidermis will heal completely within 8 hours, allowing you to wash your face and take a shower. About 3-6 days, the mink at the small white spot falls off and the skin returns to its normal appearance. The internal collagen regeneration can last up to 6 months or even 6 years.
4. Safety—Because of the strong penetrating power of the fractional laser, the traumaticity is small, and the micropore coverage of the fractional is ensured to be uniform, thereby avoiding the overlap of the spots. Therefore, it is the most suitable laser for comprehensive treatment, so that the skin can quickly restore a smooth image.
CO2 fractional laser use effect comparison chart.
What can the CO2 fractional laser do?
Various wrinkles (frontal lines, eyebrow lines, eye wrinkles, perioral wrinkles, neck lines, abdominal stretch marks, etc.)
Various scars (trauma scars, burn scars, suture scars)
Vascular lesions (capillary hyperplasia, rosacea)
Remove epidermis, sweat duct tumors, etc.
Rejuvenation (face lifting, firming skin, etc.)
Color spots, ichthyosis, chicken skin disease, red blood, etc.
Skin sagging, eye bags, acne mark
Specially designed for vaginal tightening
CO2 fractional laser treatment other common questions and answers
Q: Why should the CO2 fractional laser have a stimulating depth?
A: Micron-level CO2 fractional laser can reach the dermis layer, which can cause collagen regeneration and collagen rearrangement, causing proliferation or apoptosis of scar fibroblasts, which can cause sufficient tissue remodeling, play a therapeutic role, improve texture and Flatness.
Q: Why is the CO2 fractional laser treated in the entire scar distribution area?
A: The whole area, including the normal skin in the distribution area, should be scanned by laser, so that the skin can heal again, the whole collagen shrinks and the skin is firm, so that better results can be obtained.
Q: How long is the interval between CO2 fractional laser treatments reasonable?
A: The treatment interval of CO2 fractional laser is generally the shortest interval of 2 months.
Q: Does the CO2 fractional laser pinhole make people dependent? Why?
A: There is no dependence, because the principle of the fractional laser is to stimulate the proliferation of collagen itself, activate the self-repair system, and the US industry uses other drug products, so there is no dependence.

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