Different effects of water replenishment

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Objectively speaking, women’s appearance is supported by water. The ancients said that “the cheek congeales the new litchi, the nose is greasy goose fat, the view is amiable”. The face is as smooth as a newly peeled litchi, and the nose is as smooth as goose fat. When you see it, you want to be intimate, which deeply illustrates the importance of skin moisturization.

With a moist skin, it can glow with youthful brilliance and make people look refreshed. On the contrary, severe skin water shortage can lead to slow skin metabolism and cause a number of problems.

Does your skin lack water?

* Mild water shortage

Performance: Dark complexion, the skin care products used in the past began to feel uncomfortable, not easy to absorb.

* Moderate water shortage

Performance: Not easy to fix makeup, make-up powder, after removing makeup flushed, sometimes accompanied by tingling.

* Severe water shortage

Performance: Rough skin, large pore, fine lines on forehead and corners of eyes, red skin

* Extreme water shortage

Performance: The above problems exist, and external oil drying, blackpox, serious peeling, often allergic.

If you already have any of the above, it’s time to replenish water, and timely relieve a series of problems caused by water shortage, such as dry, rough, dark yellow, fine lines and so on.

If you want to replenish water quickly and efficiently, ordinary moisturizing mask can not be done at all. Who can save thirsty skin?

Water injection – direct to the dermis, a single injection is equivalent to 1000 replenishment mask, timely relief of thirsty skin.

As we all know, water-light injection has become the most basic skin care project in beauty parlors. Deep moisturizing, improving skin quality, brightening skin tone, diluting fine lines and other effects, favored by beauty lovers.

Among them, Mound-de-Marsha water-light injector, which is playing a tremendous role in the beauty market, has been welcomed and affirmed by the broad masses of people once it comes out.

Whether a woman is young or not has nothing to do with her age. Maintenance is the same as before, and maintenance is the same as before. However, water shortage is the main cause of skin aging. To keep skin young and moist, water supplement is the key.

It is said that women are made of water. Only when irrigated with water can they look beautiful like flowers and their skin be like congealed fat.

Water injection, a “magic” replenishment mask, is the beginning of a beautiful.

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