DPL precision skin rejuvenation

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As a popular “daily skin care” method, DPL precision skin rejuvenation has long been the new favorite of many stars, but many people still have a little understanding of it.

such as:

“What is DPL Precision Rejuvenation?”

“Is DPL accurate skin rejuvenation safe? Will it burn my skin?”

“I am suitable for DPL accurate skin rejuvenation?”

“DPL precision skin rejuvenation will make my skin sensitive?”

It is time to unveil the mystery of “DPL Precision Rejuvenation”.

What is DPL accurate skin rejuvenation?

DPL precision skin rejuvenation uses Dye Pulse Light technology to perform a cosmetic treatment on the skin. Its function is to eliminate/reduce various pigment spots on the skin, enhance skin elasticity and eliminate fineness. Wrinkles, improved facial telangiectasia, improved facial pores and rough skin, can also improve the color of yellow skin. Because the curative effect is significantly beyond the photorejuvenation, and the treatment cycle is significantly shortened, it has epoch-making significance in the field of optical cosmetic skin rejuvenation technology.

What is the principle of DPL accurate skin rejuvenation?

When the repair light acts on the skin, after being absorbed by the skin, the tissue changes, the alignment is dense, the collagen synthesis is promoted, the skin circulatory system is accelerated, and the skin’s immunity and resistance are enhanced.

  1. Bio-stimulatory effect: The photochemical action produced by the intense pulsed light on the skin causes the chemical changes of the molecular structure inside the collagen fibers and the elastic fibers of the dermis layer, thereby restoring the original elasticity. In addition, the photothermal effect produced by the vasculature can enhance the vascular function and improve the circulation, thereby achieving the therapeutic effect of eliminating wrinkles and reducing pores.
  2. Principle of photothermolysis: Since the content of pigment clusters in the diseased tissue is much higher than that of normal skin tissue, the temperature rise temperature after absorption of light is also higher than that of the skin. Using their temperature difference, the diseased blood vessels are blocked, and the pigment ruptures and decomposes without damaging normal tissues.

Three rumors about DPL’s precise skin rejuvenation

Does DPL’s precise skin rejuvenation thin the skin?

No! Many people think that DPL’s precise skin rejuvenation will burn the skin and destroy the fragile cuticle, just as the wall is cut off, the thinner it is.

In fact, strong pulsed light (DPL accurate skin rejuvenation) can activate fibroblasts in the skin, increase the synthesis of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid). When these new collagen and elastin are rearranged, the skin becomes more elastic, firm and firm, with reduced wrinkles and fine pores. Therefore, laser beauty will not only make the skin thinner, but will increase the thickness of the skin, make it more compact, elastic, and change to younger.

Does DPL accurately rejuvenate the skin?

No! Many people think that DPL’s precise skin rejuvenation will lead to thinning of the skin, the skin does not have the protection of “old skin”, it will become sensitive, not heat-resistant, not wind-resistant, sensitive to cosmetics.

This is far from the truth. DPL precision rejuvenation, although in the short term (7 days after surgery) will accelerate the evaporation of water due to photothermal action, promote the exfoliation of the stratum corneum, and sometimes form tiny micro-small. But all the “damages” are within the controllable range and will recover after 7 days. The newly healed skin has a complete structure (including the stratum corneum, the stratum corneum will have new and old replacements even if it is not treated) and healthy functions, so DPL accurate skin rejuvenation will not make the skin sensitive.

Science has confirmed that strong pulsed light can repair inflamed skin, reduce the release of inflammatory mediators, remove excess red blood cells, and enhance skin metabolism. Therefore, strong pulsed light will not only make the skin more sensitive, but also treat the underlying diseases that cause skin sensitivity – seborrheic dermatitis, hormone-dependent dermatitis, acne and rosacea.

Does DPL accurately rejuvenate? Does it cause dependence (addiction)?

No! Many people mistakenly believe that DPL’s accurate skin rejuvenation is really good, but once it is done, it will produce dependence (addiction), and if it does not continue, it will rebound or deteriorate.

What holds this view is that there is no understanding of the laws of aging and the science of beauty. The aging of human skin is continuous and will not stop because of what, all the efforts we have made are only to slow down the pace of aging.

In order to get the desired results, it is necessary to treat or maintain the treatment multiple times. This is not because we are dependent or addicted to DPL.

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