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What are the common spots?

Spots can be divided into congenital and acquired, and most people are acquired. The most common and most disturbing fairies in daily life are mainly these 4 types of spots:

①Freckles: genetic genes + ultraviolet rays. After sun exposure, it will increase slowly, with light brown and brown (depending on the degree of sun exposure). The shape is also different, there are round, oval, polygonal, etc., with clear but irregular borders, and the spots are isolated and do not merge.

②Brown-cyan mole on the zygomatic region: genetic gene + ultraviolet rays. Mainly genetic, like freckles, it will slowly increase after exposure to sunlight. It is common in women; it exists in our cheekbones, temples to forehead and other parts. Because melanin is deposited in the dermis, it looks cyan instead of dark brown.

③Chloasma: This is a kind of spot that is not easy to fix. The cause is complicated and there are many treatment methods. Generally, it is brown spots that grow in pieces, and most of the time they are symmetrically distributed. A correct treatment idea is more important than a single treatment method.

④ Age spots: mainly skin damage + ultraviolet rays, more common in the elderly. It can appear in various places on our face, and its distribution is not as symmetrical and even as freckles. It may be that one cheek has grown. Some appear as brown spots flat on the surface of our skin, and some will gradually increase and thicken after appearing, protruding from the surface of the skin.

Of course, there are many types of spots. It should be noted that each type of spot has its own characteristics. There is more than one kind of spot on our face. In many cases, the spot that is visible to the naked eye is just the tip of the iceberg. How to make a correct judgment must be referred to an experienced professional doctor.

Common freckle removal ideas

Identify the types of spots, based on professional data, combined with our doctors’ rich clinical experience, and customize the freckle plan.

When it comes to freckle removal, many people think of laser first. Why can laser treatment of spots? This is due to the selective photothermal action theory: a specific laser irradiated on our skin, it can only be absorbed by the target of melanocytes, breaking it, and not damaging the surrounding normal organization.

Selective photothermal principle, only for melanin, no damage to other skin tissues

Simply put, it is a laser with a specific wavelength. It is more picky, and it loves the dish of “melanin”. This overbearing president’s unique pet method is used by our scientists and doctors to remove freckles intelligently.

Common freckle lasers include: ultra picosecond, honeycomb picosecond, Q-switched, intense pulsed light, fractional laser, carbon dioxide laser and so on.

Various types of freckle removal equipment

For example: strong pulsed light is what we usually call photon rejuvenation. Its outstanding advantage is to deal with some superficial pigments, such as sunburn, superficial spots, skin redness, and telangiectasia will have a great effect.

For deep uneven skin tone, you can use a Q-switched laser. The Q-switched laser is like our embroidery needle. It is more accurate to point by point. Its advantage is that it can also be used on delicate parts such as the upper and lower eyelids (especially the upper eyelid, which is generally not suitable for pulsed light).

Nowadays, the most common freckle removal device is ultra picosecond. It is a medical beauty killer that treats pigment diseases and rejuvenates the face. It is definitely your secret weapon when used well~ It can also refine the skin, shrink pores, thicken the skin, and make elastic fibers, Collagen hyperplasia.

As for whether to choose laser treatment (such as chloasma during inflammation, you can’t use laser to stimulate), which instrument to choose, how to adjust its wavelength and energy, and how to combine and match different lasers for treatment… The doctor makes the decision based on the judgment of the spots and skin condition in the first step. The instruments are dead, and the doctor can make full use of them to get the desired effect.

How can the crushed stains be metabolized by the human body? Macrophages, the important guardians of our body, will engulf and absorb the pigment cells and pigment particle fragments destroyed by the laser. But just like everyone’s immunity is different, everyone’s ability to metabolize and absorb melanin fragments is also different.

How to accelerate the metabolism of melanin is also an important part of our freckle removal process. In the process of freckle removal, doctors also often use mesotherapy that can help the skin to enhance its metabolic capacity (water light needle, Inno small brown bottle, silk kinetic element, filogen youth kinetic element, etc.), supplemented by different ingredients (For example, the well-known tranexamic acid can inhibit the activity of melanocytes), it can input nutrients to the superficial and deep layers of our skin, block the oxidation process of melanin, and strengthen the freckle effect.

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