FTECH authorize: Angelo Fernando’s Hospital Laser Aesthetic Clinical Demonstration Base

2020-07-06 Ftech 14 views

With the development of the times, laser cosmetology has become the majority of people who love beauty. Using laser cosmetology can not only effectively remove stains, tattoos, remove red blood, repair sensitive skin and other skin problems, but also have the advantages of high safety and quick effect. . It is precisely because of seeing the great potential of laser cosmetology in the medical beauty industry that Angelo fernando’s Hospital has introduced Platin Fractional Co2 laser cosmetology instrument from FTECH laser cosmetology instrument manufacturer.

CO2 Fractional laser machine is the most advanced conceptual fractional Co2 skin peeling laser system, which is a simple, fast, efficient and comfortable device in wrinkle removal, smooth scars, skin rejuvenation and resurfacing, vaginal tightening. It has three modes: Continuous&Fractional&Vaginal.

Fractional CO2 laser therapy works mainly on the principle of fractional heat damage. The fractional co2 laser creates microscopic holes in the upper layer of skin and leaves the deeper part of the skin intact. The purpose of the treatment is to creat controlled heat damage at the basal layer of skin leading to the reduction of wrinkles, pigmentation and acne scarring. The fractional co2 laser also tightens the refines the skin as well as improving the long term collagen and elastin reproduction.

Customers’ Feedbacks:

I did yesterday a few tests in both the machines and they worked pretty well.
One question: is mecessary to fill with water in the CO2 device? Because I don t see where.
I need manuals for both the machines.specially with the recommended factory parameters to work.Pretty fan,thanks.

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