How to choose hair removal instrument in beauty salon

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Summer is clearly the season for girls to show themselves. Even short skirts, hot pants and suspenders have already started, but they dare not put them on because their body hair affects their overall image? Jimei, it’s time to put forward the depilation schedule. Don’t wait until the day lily is cold, and you just set off her “ugly duckling”.

808 ice point depilator common sense you must know!

The cars that turned over on the depilation road in those years

Who has not been ignorant of the new year? When I was young, the most common way of depilation was to steal my father’s razor, on my legs, on my hands, under my arms, even on my mouth In any case, except for the hair, where the body is hairy, so easy. Of course, this primitive hair removal method, not only quickly grow new hair, but also just grow out of the body hair or hard, gently prick the skin will have a tingling feeling. If you scratch the meat, it will hurt for several days.

Later came into contact with hair removal cream, although the effect is slightly better than using a razor, but hair cream is the use of chemical substances to dissolve the structure of hair. I am not allergic constitution, that’s OK. In case I am one of the tens of millions of “allergic star people”, slight redness, swelling and pruritus is a small matter. The next day, I went to see a doctor with “pig’s feet” and “pig’s head”. I really have no face. In addition, most depilatory cream on the market is not acting on the hair follicles, the hair removal effect is not generally said, with a long time will also find that the original delicate skin has gradually become rough.

There are some Jimei will often use wax depilation, really for these Jimei, Xiaobian really have to give a thumbs up. Xiaobian was lucky to try a “pleasant” experience of wax depilation. Although it can give me a smooth skin feeling instantly, I will never try again in my life for the “sour” brought by the process of wax tearing. The most important way to get rid of the pain is to have it every few weeks.

In addition, Xiaobian should remind those Jimei who often use depilation forceps or wax to remove hair. This kind of violence can easily damage the skin barrier and cause skin sensitivity.

What good depilation method is recommended?

In order to reduce the pain caused by depilation and even achieve permanent hair removal effect, “photon hair removal” can solve this problem well.

There are too many similar products on the market. To prove the strength of a product, sales volume is the best endorsement. Ftech hair removal machine is a cost-effective, continuous irradiation 6 times per second, complete the whole body hair removal in just 20 minutes.

Different from the laser hair removal technology which only relies on heat to burn and carbonize the surface skin, ftech hair removal machine adopts the latest thr mode, which can convert the light energy absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle or hair stem into heat energy, so as to make the hair follicle tissue go into dormancy after heating up, so as to achieve the effect of “permanent hair removal”. In addition, ftech dehairing machine also uses the most advanced freezing point technology on the market. After absorbing light energy at the root of hair follicle, the irradiated surface of the machine will cool the skin heat in time, greatly reducing the discomfort of skin during hair removal.

Depilation effect is not only safe and effective, but also can be divided into males mode, ladies mode and junior mode according to the different filters. It is a new experience that men, women, old and young can easily and painlessly depilate.

Want to achieve the best hair removal effect

What does depilation need to pay attention to?

It is not enough to know “which depilation method is easy to use”. If you want to achieve safer and more effective depilation, you should pay attention to the following points:

If the hair is too strong, consult your doctor before depilation

If the female body hair is exuberant, it is better to go to dermatology or gynecology before depilation to exclude some endocrine diseases or gynecological diseases, so the hair removal effect will be better.

Attention should be paid to sunscreen and moisturizing after photon hair removal

Before and after depilation, sun protection should be done to prevent skin from darkening after sunburn, which will affect the effect of photon depilation; on the other hand, it is necessary to avoid “anti blackening” of skin due to not paying attention to sunscreen after depilation. At the same time, pay attention to the skin moisture, reduce the lack of sebum secretion oil, leading to skin water shortage.

Avoid irritating skin care products after photon hair removal

After depilation, the skin will be in a more sensitive state. Try not to use irritant skin care and cosmetics within 24 hours. It is recommended to clean the face only with cold water or cold boiled water. If there is obvious redness in the photon depilation area, cold compress can be taken to calm the skin properly. Some parts of hair removal may form small scabs, and pay attention not to scratch with hands.

Now, we all know that girls need to make great efforts to become beautiful! In order to obtain the best hair removal effect, in addition to the qualification of beauty salon, equipment and professional degree of beautician are very important before depilation; similarly, beauty salon is to provide customers with high-quality hair removal effect, and the selection of hair removal equipment must not be careless.

Ftech dehairing machine not only has excellent hair removal effect, but also answers all kinds of questions about the use of hair removal equipment, skin care before and after operation, as well as the operation of beauty salon, so that operators can easily realize their entrepreneurial dream.

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