How to save the acne and the large pores on our face

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When many people are in their twenties, their face is same like a large oil field. At that time, we didn’t know the medical beauty, and we didn’t even have the correct skin care awareness. Even if the acne was solved, there still left problems such as large pores and acne marks. People with normal skin have large pores, are prone to aging, and sag quickly.

It’s important to recognize your skin

A very cruel reality is that after a few years of history of fighting with acne, it is difficult to become a zero pore.
This is because the pores caused by the accumulation of grease are coarse, and there are two reasons for the large pores:
One is due to the strong secretion of oil, closed blackheads, acne and other accumulation of pores, and generally appear in the T area.

The amount of oil secretion is large, it is easy to loosen the surrounding structure (inflamed acne and clog squeezing); skin elasticity is not good, the skin is easily loosened.

Second, due to aging, healthy round pores begin to deform and become depressed due to the loss of collagen, and generally appear in the entire face, especially in the middle of the face.
This kind of pores, if enlarged, is like a drop of water. If there are more droplets in the shape of a drop, it will be connected into a line, which is the fine line we see.

In fact, the earliest people who started to age are the pores. But many people didn’t care at first, and they began to pay attention to aging when the law lines appeared and the fine lines around the eyes became obvious.
Large pores are the most initial aging problem.
In addition, skin care products have almost zero effect on large pores.
The oily pox skin with large pores is accompanied by dry oil inside. What is the concept of dry oil inside?
It was full of dryness and tingling, but a look at the face was still glowing.

Because of this long-term oily feelings (even if it is only partial), everyone is very resistant to all creams, no matter what product, as long as it is on the face, it feels too greasy (after all, it is very oily in some parts), Therefore, the moisturizing of the entire skin is not guaranteed.
Such a partial secretion of oil leads to insufficient moisturization of the entire face, and finally the barrier function is severely damaged, and the skin is “inside”.

Treatment programs
The Derma shine pro hydrometer is an artifact that can reduce the pores. However, the pores are definitely not a one-time job. The pore problem, the skin problem of the internal and external oils is solved, and the Derma shine pro of hydrometers are seen!

Derma shine pro hydrometers are familiar to everyone, but the filler added in them are different and the depth of the application is different, and the effect will be different.

Derma shine pro hydrometer is used to supplement the skin’s dermis with nutrients, enhance the skin’s foundation, repair faster and rebuild more.
This is a method of effectively shrinking pores, and it has an effect once in one treatment. But to do the treatment, there will be a certain recovery period. After all, the pores are not caused by one day.

The above-mentioned anti-“pore” program mainly strengthens the skin texture and strengthens the internal hydration. It is a maintenance-oriented medical beauty that truly strengthens the skin itself to repair super power.
As long as you have a phenomenon of aging and deep pores and sagging skin, you can do it regularly as a routine maintenance.

Repair and maintenance are essential
The treatment of pores is the beginning of the problem of blackheads, acne, and acne after the age of 20.
Otherwise, after the age of 25, in addition to oily pores, accompanied by aging pores, the treatment cycle is longer, more laborious, in addition to maintenance and more to treat the beauty of medicine, more intuitively, you have to invest more money.

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