Ftech launched platform Acodela

2018-10-30 Ftech 79 views

On March 20th, 2019, the Dubai Derma, ended successfully.
As we all know, Duubai Derma is an international large-scalebeauty exhibition, so FTECH emands itself with high standards. From the booth to the machine,diode laser,Co2 laser,Q switched laser, FTECH’s attention to detail and strict quality requirements are reflected.
Acodela is a combination of diode laser,ipl and q switch laser.You don’t have to buy everal machines,switching handles on it is all you have to do!

The biggest difference between Acodela and other platform is that the power supply is adapted,any power handle can be plugged in directly so that it can be upgraded any time if you want!

Long pulsed 1064nm laser and 2940nm laser is researching now on Acodela,it will be the greatest choice for your clinic & salon without a doubt!

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