Future Laser in Eurasia,Istanbul Turkey.

2018-05-08 Ftech 365 views

Future Laser in Eurasia,Istanbul TurkeyOn April 12-14, 2018, Future Laser attended Eurasia, a Turkish exhibition in Istanbul. Turkey has a huge demand for beauty cosmetics. Its superior geographical location also radiates adjacent North African, Middle East, Eastern European and Western European countries. It is an important base for European re-export trade.

Future Laser company “Say Hi!” to Asian-African-European customers with full of sincerity and high quality products.

During the show, the 808nm series, IPL series, Q series, and gold microneedles were displayed. The 808nm series has been sought after by local people because of its unique design, patented hand pieces, high technology of the UK core technology, perfect therapeutic and therapeutic experience. IPL has attracted a large number of suppliers due to its unique adsorption function, comprehensive therapeutic application, and compliance with the mechanics of manipulators and user-friendly system interface.

Within half a day of exhibition, all instruments have been pre-ordered. In the three-day exhibition, our products were understood by more customers, quality was recognized, and agents from many countries were signed. We believe that in the follow-up cooperation process, agents will feel our sincerity and achieve win-win results. !

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