Future Laser in Cosmobeaute,Ho Chi Minh,Vietnam

2018-05-08 Ftech 458 views

aser in Cosmobeaute

On April 19-21, Future Laser attended a cosmetology exhibition in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. This is the most influential series of international cosmetology exhibitions in Asia, held annually in Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia and Thailand. Each exhibition is the largest in the country and the most professional international top event for buyers. It has a reputation among professional buyers and exhibitors. As an emerging market, the Vietnam market has a growing share of the international market, and its importance is also self-evident.

During the exhibition, Future Laser products were recognized by customers because of its excellent quality and reasonable price. Some customers took our machine’s casing apart and examined the internal structure of the machine. When they saw that only four screws were needed to open the entire machine, they praised our humanized design. The customer took highly appreciate on the structure of our sheet metal because Vietnam is located in a tropical area and its heat dissipation requirements are very high. Self-priming high-pressure, high-speed water pumps, exposed water tanks, and fully enclosed water circulation systems perfectly match the needs of customers in the tropics. In cooperation with future agents, customers will rely more on the quality of Future Laser!

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