Multi functional OPT: What I can do is not just hair removal

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Hair removal, freckle removal, whitening, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, and acne marks removal are all evergreen projects in the beauty industry. Multi functional OPT is a machine to solve all problems.


Multi-function OPT (Perfect Pulse Technology) is a great leap forward in photon skin rejuvenation technology, which greatly expands the application range of IPL technology. Compared with the traditional photorejuvenation, the photon rejuvenation technology with the core of OPT technology has more excellent effects:

OPT is a uniform square wave, which is an effective control of the whole process of treatment: eliminating the energy peak of the initial part beyond the therapeutic energy and improving safety.

Avoid subsequent pulse energy attenuation and not reach the treatment interval, and improve clinical effectiveness.

Each pulse or sub-pulse is a uniform square wave distribution with excellent therapeutic reproducibility and repeatability.

Multifunctional OPT

Multiple efficacy

 Permanent hair removal

The strong pulsed light quantum hair removal technology is applied to the hair according to the principle of selective photothermolysis, that is, the strong pulse light of a specific wavelength, and the melanin in the hair shaft and the hair follicle is selectively absorbed, instantaneously forms a local high temperature, absorbs the hair follicle melanin, the nutrient absorption channel of hair is blocked without damaging normal skin and sweat gland, thus inhibiting the growth of hair and achieving the effect of permanent depilation.

Freckle removal

The laser emits a high-power, high-energy-density laser beam instantaneously (a few nanoseconds). When it is irradiated in the lesion area, the pigment tissue is formed into a local shock wave, that is, a “blasting effect”, and the pigment is broken into finely divided particles, which are then removed from the body by phagocytic cells. The law is painless, fast, and does not leave scars. This mechanism is also called “selective laser destruction” in laser medicine.

Acne removal

Using photodynamic and photochemical principles, strong pulsed light of a specific wavelength is applied to the skin. The porphyrin in the skin releases singlet oxygen, kills the propionic acid bacteria in the skin, and simultaneously heats the sebaceous glands to improve the skin and reduce oil secretion, thereby achieving treatment. effect.

Whitening and skin rejuvenation

Whitening and Rejuvenating Laser is a new medical technology that eliminates black spots and cleansing skin. It can directly break down melanin with powerful and rapid energy to improve pigmented skin and achieve whitening and cleansing. The difference between a laser and a conventional laser is the pulse width (pulse duration). The shorter the pulse width, the weaker the effect of light conversion into heat, and the less the photothermal effect, the less likely it is to spread to the surrounding tissue and the effect on the target tissue. The stronger it is. It can make pigmented skin lesions produce stronger therapeutic effect under shorter treatment times; faster, more energetic, better effect and safer.

 Blood Vessels Removal

The selective absorption of light energy by hemoglobin causes the blood to heat up, form a blood clot, seal the dilated blood vessels, and the blood cannot pass through the diseased blood vessels, causing it to shrink due to lack of nutrition, and finally metabolized by the body’s metabolism, thereby achieving the purpose of treating telangiectasia. Because there is less expansion of capillaries, hemoglobin is less, and the absorbed light energy is less, so it is not affected.

Multifunctional OPT

Use effect comparison

Freckle removal

Hair removal

Blood Vessels Removal

Skin rejuvenation

Multifunctional OPT

One instrument to finish the skinning project

The choice of equal performance and price


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