Hydrofacial Bubble: Open skin pores

2019-04-03 Ftech 93 views

Have you noticed
The face is clean and flawless, but the blackheads and freckles suddenly appear.
The face is dry and refreshing but suddenly oily
Using skin care products & cosmetics with a long time, if improperly cleaned
That will cause large pores and make the skin rough & dull
Our daily cleansing facial cleanser, clear water and other molecular diameters are too large
Which Is completely unable to dredge the pores of the skin
Or some dirt you can’t see at all
But these dirty things
Will be attached to your face
Enjoy the skin white, clean, transparent, moist
The first step is to make your skin clean!
Carbon and oxygen bubbles can make your skin clean and flawless!
Solving your skin’s problems in one step!
Deep facial SPA, starting from this moment.
Carbon-oxygen bubble has six features:
1. Jet Spray Handle: It is used to transport the water-soluble product super-nanoparticles to the skin tissue.
2, Carbon oxygen handle: special blended products and carbon-oxygen head combined with the skin surface to produce large bubbles containing carbon dioxide deep into the skin, inject oxygen into the skin, promote skin blood circulation, increase cell activity, and skin Cell metabolism, effectively eliminating waste.
3, Cleaning handle: nano-scale bubble water with vacuum negative pressure, forming a vacuum circuit, a specially designed spiral tip to promote the peeling effect, deep cleansing, thoroughly remove all kinds of impurities, aphids and oil residues in the funnel of the hair follicle At the same time, the funnel of the hair follicle is filled with nutrients.
4, ultrasonic rejuvenation system: at a vibration frequency of more than 1 million times per second, accelerate skin metabolism, deepen the activation of skin cells, so that the skin deeper to better absorb the product. The water-oxygen spray gun can also be used to make a good spa treatment for the customer, or use ultrasonic to enhance the massage of the beautician to give the skin a deep activation, thereby promoting the absorption of the product and strengthening the metabolism of the skin.
5, Multi-grade RF Handle: equipped with an RF probe, through the effect of micro-current, the probe temperature can reach 50-60℃ , so that skin collagen regeneration and reorganization, to achieve the effect of tightening and lifting.
6, Ice/Hot Hammer: customers with sensitive, or vascular skin , by doing with the Ice/Hot Hammer, which can improve skin tightening, shrink pores.

Carbon and oxygen bubbles solve multiple problems together
1.Clean up cosmetic residues in the skin and remove mites and allergens from skin.
2. Improve acne and folliculitis.
3. Skin whitening, improve skin dullness, dark yellow;
4. According to the different functions of the nutrient solution, the skin has the effect of supplementing water, nourishing and oxygen.
5. Remove blackheads, improve skin sagging, tighten pores and increase skin clarity.

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