How to choose the right optoelectronic project

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Photon recommendation

DPL precise skin rejuvenation:

Using narrow-spectrum photorejuvenation (DPL), a new type of optical skin rejuvenation technology, selects strong pulsed light in the 550-650nm band. This band also contains the absorption peaks of melanin and oxygen and hemoglobin, which makes the effective therapeutic energy Accurate concentration, gentle and rapid heating of skin tissue, removal of superficial pigments and closure of diseased blood vessels, effectively stimulate the whole part of collagen regeneration, make the skin smoother and more tender, and quickly and efficiently solve facial pigmentation and telangiectasia (red face).

Treatment range:

  1. Rejuvenation: shrink pores, wrinkle whitening, brighten skin tone
  2. Red blood: congenital red blood, red skin after skin resurfacing, red face (face flushing), red blood acne, rosacea, etc.
  3. Freckle: freckles, chloasma, sunburn, age spots, pigmentation, etc.
  4. Hair removal: hair removal skin care

Laser recommendation

CO2 Fractional laser machine:

The newest CO2 laser local therapy uses the most advanced microlens technology in the world, which enables the laser system to generate a large number of tiny ultra-pulse beams. After these ultra-pulsed beams act on the skin tissue, they can form a diameter of 0.12 mm on the skin. 1.2 mm, tiny pores with a depth of 2 mm, so that the skin forms a large number of tiny minimally invasive areas and heat accumulation areas or micro-heating areas, which can form a partitioned gasification of the epidermal pigment tissue, allowing CO2 laser energy to penetrate under the skin. And stimulate the formation of new collagen, applying energy in a segmented form, that is, a trace of thermal damage is separated, so that normal tissue between thermal damage is not affected, this part of the skin can be used as a heat diffusion area to avoid possible thermal damage Such side effects can also promote the healing process of the skin and enable the patient to recover in a shorter period of time.

Treatment range:

  1. wrinkles (frontal lines, eyebrow lines, eye wrinkles, perioral wrinkles, neck lines, abdominal stretch marks, etc.)
  2. Scar removal (traumatic scar, burn scar, suture scar)
  3. Eliminate vascular disease (capillary hyperplasia, rosacea)
  4. Designed for privacy and compactness
  5. Treatment of psoriasis, stretch marks, epidermal pigmentation (freckles, age spots, etc.)

Picosecond laser:

he pulse width is up to picoseconds (1 picosecond is equivalent to 1/1000 nanoseconds) and the pulse duration of the shot is very short. Its energy is output in a short pulse mode, based on selective photothermal action, with high selectivity to the target, but no obvious damage to surrounding normal tissue, thus achieving the ideal skin-beautifying effect of non-invasive treatment.

Treatment range:

  1. Ota mole, Ito mole, Mongolian plaque, crotch brown cyan sputum, coffee spot, freckles, seborrheic keratosis, cantharidin, border sputum, melanosis, blue sputum, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, chloasma, Freckles, pale complexion, pigmentation, age spots,pigment spots, stretch marks, sun spots, pregnancy spots, wrinkles, etc.
  2. Tattoos, tattoos, eyeliner, lip lines and traumatic tattoos and other pigmented skin lesions.
  3. With the special treatment head, it is easy to achieve facial rejuvenation, body rejuvenation, fine pores, lightening spots, whitening, blackheading and oil control.

RF recommended

Golden RF Micro Needle:

A high-tech instrument that integrates dot matrix, RF, and microneedles, a facial rejuvenation technique that requires no surgery. Deep into the subcutaneous fat fascia, promote collagen; at the same time through the micro-needle, replenish the skin with a variety of desired proliferation factors, so that the skin tightens and fades wrinkles.

Treatment range:

1, wrinkles: crow’s feet, raised lines, French lines, neck lines

2, the face is younger, tightening

3, removing stretch marks, expansion lines

4, treatment of large pores, dark skin, whitening skin

5, treatment of acne scars, depressed scars

6, regular skin maintenance

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