Selection of DPL Perfect Pulse Light Series for Winter Hair Removal

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As girls know,

Hair removal is a must

After all, only skin without hair can look good.

But now they’re wearing long-sleeved pants.

Also said that hair removal, is it a little “white tie”?

Xiaomei can tell you responsibly

Winter is the best time for hair removal.
Why do you want to shed hair in winter?

Laser hair removal has a course of treatment, just clean in summer

The course of laser hair removal is about 3-8 times, and the interval of treatment is usually 4-6 weeks.

Hair is not completely removed at one time. In a few weeks, the “fish that leaks the net” will grow again. After getting thicker and longer, a second laser treatment is needed.

Why do we need to depilate many times?
Hair growth is periodic, including growth period (barbaric growth stage), regression period (retirement stage) and quiescent period (terminal stage).

Take our leg hair as an example, about 20% of the leg hair is in the growth stage. At this time, the hair follicle has high melanin content and good depilation effect; less than 1% of the retrograde leg hair and 80% of the rest leg hair have almost no melanin, and the depilation effect is poor.

Some of the hair follicles in the quiescent period fall out, and the new hair follicles begin their own growth cycle. It takes about 4 weeks for the new hair follicles to undergo the next hair removal.

In this way, suppose that laser hair removal begins in January, at four weeks intervals, and is almost clean after the fourth hair removal (some people may need several more times, depending on the person), and summer is coming.

Sunscreen is needed after laser surgery, and winter is just right.
Two points should be paid attention to after laser hair removal: sunscreen + less sweating.

This may occur during the recovery period of laser hair removal:

Within hours: erythema and papules subside;
Within a few months: some people will have purpura, blisters, pigmentation and other conditions, within a few months to fade away.
Summer hot weather is easy to sweat, may cause folliculitis and other conditions, winter can avoid this situation.
Postoperative sun protection should also be paid attention to, clothes in winter, do not need to consider sun protection at all times, so that the skin can be better repaired.
Stay at ease through the recovery period
For a course of hair removal, do it now to cover up the embarrassment of hair removal growth period, until early summer just finished a course of treatment, when others began to spend money to pile hair removal, hurt their skin, you are already a smooth beauty;

These symptoms do not necessarily occur, but in the event of their own body, it is a hindrance. Don’t worry about it in winter, small blisters, small darkness. No one could see them hiding in their clothes.

Perfect DPL Pulsed Light Series with Super Performance-to-Cost Ratio
DPL Perfect Pulse Series

Good and equipment to make the effect is bound to be ideal, so it is easy for old customers to bring new customers, and bring good customer quality.

DPL Perfect Pulsed Light Series

It can remove hair quickly and painlessly. Five core technologies ensure the removal of light and fine hair in all parts of the body.

DPL depilation effect

Delicate fairy’s delicate white skin
There’s always a feeling that you can’t stop.
So many beautiful girls
Always in order to make themselves more beautiful
DPL Perfect Pulse Light Series was selected for hair removal.
After completing the course, get rid of all the hairs and feet.
Perfectly transformed into a smooth goddess

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