SMAS and Skin Senescence

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What is SMAS?

SMAS, the subcutaneous fascia, located under the dermis, covering the entire body, consisting of loose connective tissue. The superficial artery, subcutaneous vein, cutaneous nerve, and lymphatic vessel are located in the superficial fascia, and the local fascia layer also has breast and skin muscles. The superficial fascia has a certain protective effect on the deep muscles, blood vessels and nerves. For example, the superficial fascia of the palm and the sole of the foot is more developed, and the external pressure has a certain buffering effect. In simple terms, SMAS supports our surface skin.

When people reach the age of 25, they will begin to face the problems brought by time. Aging is the dilemma that everyone has to face. When your skin begins to slack, sag, and wrinkles, the SMAS state under your epidermis has begun to change.

Ages of 20s Ages of 30s-40s Ages of 50s-60s

The surface texture of the skin is neat and tidy, the epidermal cells are healthy, and the collagen and elastin in the dermis are full of elasticity, without a slight relaxation and no signs of wrinkles.

The epidermis is dry, the dermis loses its elasticity, the expression lines on the face, the dry lines evolve into fine lines, and even deep wrinkles are especially noticeable in the eyes, mouth and brows.

Through the figure we can find that the connection between the formation of wrinkles and SMAS is inseparable. The underlying SMAS loses vitality and relaxation, directly affecting the elasticity of the epidermis and the formation of various types of wrinkles.

However, the traditional skinning and wrinkle removal surgery only works on the epidermis. Although the skin has just been tightened, the maintenance effect is very short, and the pulled area is not very natural.

Therefore, to resist sun and wrinkle, the key is to make a fuss on the SMAS.
Future Laser HIFU
The beauty instrument is to accurately position the energy of the ultrasonic wave in the fascia layer of 4.5mm under the skin, and to pull the muscles of the fascia layer to achieve the best effect of shaping and lifting.

1. Tighten and tighten the skin of the cheeks;
2, improve the chin line, reduce the puppet pattern
3, improve skin texture, make skin fine, shiny
4, remove the neck lines, prevent neck aging
5, improve skin elasticity, improve contour tightness
6, tighten the skin tissue on the forehead, improve the eyebrow line

The above picture shows the effect of using the HIFU carved FJ1500J on the eye bags. After the operation, the eye bags immediately disappeared. Feijia four-dimensional carving can not only be done on the face, the whole body can be done, professional against the age of the skin.

Technical advantages:

1. High accuracy. The special surgical pen is used to divide the area treatment on the face, and the energy is concentrated on the required treatment site with high precision.
2. High security. The high-energy focused ultrasonic energy acts directly on the skin SMAS layer, without damaging the epidermis, without scars, without coloration, and with high safety.
3. One step in place can quickly achieve wrinkle removal, firming, lifting, one step in place, convenient and fast.
4. It is used for the collagen layer of 3mm under the skin to rejuvenate the collagen and achieve the skin recovery elasticity, wrinkle, and other aging problems.

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