The first day- opened in Qingdao 33rd session of the Beauty Show

2018-03-29 futurelaser 234 views

Qingdao 33rd session of the Beauty Show

The 33rd (Spring) Beauty Show, the industry-leading trend of the industry, began its hot opening today. The first day the boutique exhibition hall created by FUTURE LASER Medical was popular and the scene was hot. Then followed the footsteps of mine to see the Show. It’s wonderful.

Qingdao 33rd session of the Beauty Show

The exhibition was very popular. In the crowd of Pentiums, we also saw a huge market for medical beauty equipment. From ancient times to the present, people’s pursuit of “beauty” has never stopped, and FUTURE LASER Medical will also bring superiority to our customers. Experience. There is always a surge of people inside and outside the pavilion. This shows that everyone is paying more and more attention to their skin and health.

Qingdao 33rd session of the Beauty Show

Customer experience and consulting Q-switched laser instruments, Q-switched lasers are problems for endogenous pigmented skin lesions and exogenous pigmented skin, allowing you to bid farewell to stains, and are no longer doing spotty girls.

Successful signing on the first day, thanks to the trust and support of FUTURE LASER

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