Water replenishment plan in winter

2019-11-26 Ftech 11 views

Severe cold winter skin is about to face the annual “dry” crisis! Even if you take care of your skin, there will be dry skin and even small lines will climb up the corner of your eyes

If you want to improve the dryness of the skin, you must replenish the water. Everyone knows that. But what’s important is how to make up the water? Today, I’m going to talk about water replenishment with you.

Our skin is generally composed of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layer. The general effect of skin care products can only be applied to the epidermis, but not to the dermis. So a lot of skin care is just “surface Kung Fu”. Your “surface skills” can’t really solve the problems of dryness, wrinkles, looseness and pore coarseness caused by lack of water in the dermis.

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